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Why You Should Cruise With North Star Cruises Australia  

North Star Cruises Australia is the Kimberley’s longest established luxury adventure-cruise operator and, the winner of both state and national tourism awards.

North Star Cruises Australia is an undisputed market leader and offers itineraries especially designed for the most discerning adventurer.

North Star Cruises Australia consistently operates with impeccable customer satisfaction rates!

The True North features enhanced levels of comfort and luxury throughout allowing guests opportunity to experience wilderness in surroundings more akin to one of the world’s most exclusive hotels!

The True North features an AUSTRALIAN crew!

Legendary Service - a guest limit of 36 and a crew of 20 ensure our reputation for attention to detail and excellence in service!

All meals on the True North feature modern Australian cuisine.

North Star Cruises Australia offers 4 completely different options to cruise the magnificent Kimberley coast.

Most cruise options feature an onboard helicopter.

The True North is purpose built for accessing shallow river systems.

The True North is fully licensed for fishing activities.

Avoid the crowds - we carry 6 dedicated expedition boats (not zodiacs!) which allow guests to experience wilderness in comfort and, in small groups as apart of their True North Cruises experience. We can also make greater provision for guests to do ‘what they want, when they want’!

Experience the destination - our cruises are adventure orientated. Daily activities include scenic walks, helicopter flights, culture, fishing, snorkelling, picnics, diving, exploring, nature and much, much more!

And we can still wash the True North under your favourite Kimberley waterfall!

Night 1 Your "welcome aboard" the magnificent True North is in the pearling port of Broome. Embarkation is at 1700 - time for a cocktail with your fellow adventurers before departing at approximately 1830. Dinner is served shortly after leaving port and then it`s an overnight cruise to Yampi Sound.
Day 1 Awake to the majestic Kimberley and savour an irresistible True North breakfast as we glide past Cockatoo & Koolan Islands - our attentive crew will be happy to introduce the colourful histories of both! Then it`s time to `personally` introduce you to a Kimberley icon - The Horizontal Falls. Experience the awesome power of the region`s huge tidal range in an exhilarating tender ride and then climb aboard your air-conditioned helicopter for a view of the falls that very few experience! Then - you will have hardly had a chance to catch your breath when, for those who can`t wait one minute longer, Leadline Creek will be the first opportunity to `land a barra`! Before you know it, your first day onboard will be coming to an end - but there`s still time to select a fine wine and to enjoy a leisurely evening meal as we cruise to Doubtful Bay.
Day 2 Three Ways presents an early morning opportunity to continue `the hunt for the elusive barramundi`! There will also be plenty of time for exploring No Name Creek and, for a refreshing swim at beautiful Ruby Falls! After lunch the well-preserved Wandjina paintings of Raft Point will intrigue before we cruise to the mouth of the Sale River and our overnight anchorage.
Day 3 This morning is devoted to exploring the Sale River. Fish the mouth for barra and then join naturalists and adventurers alike as we `ride the tide` on a classic river expedition! Enjoy a swim in your very own billabong before returning to the ultimate comfort of the True North. Then, you`ll probably be enjoying lunch as we weigh anchor and cruise for another Kimberley icon - Montgomery Reef! Montgomery is a unique eco-system that must be seen to be believed - and see it you will - as 140 square miles of coral reef rises out of the ocean right before your very eyes! Water cascades from the reef as the tide falls exposing a privileged glimpse of another world! Turtles, dugong, manta rays and every imaginable sea creature abound and the helicopter puts all in perspective!
Day 4 The scenery will astound and there are some `not to be missed` fishing spots as the True North graces the majestic Prince Regent River! At Kings Cascades we manoeuvre the True North right under the falls before yet another breathtaking helicopter flight to a picnic that you`ll never forget - True North`s mouth-watering cuisine alongside a crystal clear billabong - in one of the most remote places on earth! The helicopter will also be popular when the first group of intrepid explorers returns from Jurassic Park! Then we`ll rejoin the True North for the infamous Captain`s Party and overnight anchorage off Camp Creek.
Day 5 The `early risers` will be treated to a heli flight with a difference - a `champagne sunrise` on the top of a mountain! Then its time for more `adventure in the tender` - a chance to stretch the laces on your hiking boots and to swim in yet another picture perfect billabong! The more adventurous will heli-fish `billabongs that have never been fished` and all will find their own special part of the mighty Regent! All too soon we will slowly meander downstream in time to visit one of the Kimberley`s most historic sites - Phillip Parker King`s boab tree.
Day 6 If you think the Regent was good - wait till ya` see the Hunter! With stunning red cliffs set behind rainforest and mangroves - the Hunter River is yet another awesome setting for fishing, mud crabbing, bird watching and just simply exploring! It`s only a short hike to Jackson Falls and there`s even more splendour from the helicopter! Hopefully we`ll have time for a sunset drink on Naturaliste Island and then it`s an overnight cruise to the Montague Sound.
Day 7 Start the day with the `hunt for the black-lip oyster` and then visit a Kailis pearl farm off Winyalkin Island. Farm staff will explain the intriguing process of `growing` pearls and one of our guests might be lucky enough to keep a treasure from the sea! There are also some excellent examples of both Wandjina and Bradshaw art nearby and the waters are alive with light game species such as queenfish, giant trevally and mackerel. In the afternoon we will explore Voltaire Passage and the many surrounding islands.
Day 8 The Mitchell River is renowned for big barra and even bigger crocs! Join the tenders as we head `up river` to the scenic Surveyors Creek. It`s a great place for a swim and picnic lunch. Don`t miss the helicopter flights over the Mitchell Falls before we continue onto Vansittart Bay.
Day 9 Today there will be another opportunity to see the "Bradshaws" - possibly the oldest art known to man. The heli-picnic at Eagle Falls is always a `big hit`, the tenders will be busy exploring local beaches and creeks and, we also visit the site of a bomber that crashed during WWII. Overnight we cruise to the Drysdale River.
Day 10 Explore the Drysdale River and catch one of our favourite fish, the impressive mangrove jack! The tenders will head `up-river` on a barra expedition complete with scones and billy tea. There will also be opportunities to indulge in some beachcombing and in the afternoon, join a scenic flight to Cape Londonderry - the northern most point of Western Australia!
Day 11 Yet another mighty Kimberley river - The King George! As soon as the tide is high enough, we`ll cross the sand bars at the mouth to reveal even more breathtaking river vista! Then our journey upstream will take us to the very `jewel in the crown` - The King George Falls! Here we anchor at the base of the Twin Falls and you will find endless places to explore! Climb, or take the helicopter, to the top of the falls for a cruise highlight! Visit waterholes, swim at the crevice or just relax with a drink whilst eating fresh oysters off the rocks! Just the thought of leaving this magnificence will inspire mutiny! Visit Koolama Bay and learn about the bombing of a state-ship during WWII, then take a stroll at Tranquil Bay before we continue onto the Berkeley River.
Day 12 Start the day with a walk to one of the Kimberley`s most beautiful waterholes. Then the Berkeley River is your last chance to `land` a barra! Again, fishing and exploring opportunities unfold all day. Then, all too soon, it will be time to take advantage of the high tide and to make for the Cambridge Gulf - the final leg of our voyage and, our final destination - the frontier port of Wyndham!
Day 13 Your courtesy coach will arrive at approximately 0800 hours for transfer to Kununurra and your crew will already be looking forward to the next opportunity to welcome you aboard THE TRUE NORTH!
Abfahrtstermine und Preise pro Person Abfahrten in 2013

8 Tage Broome - Wyndham Snapshot 1 Cruise 30.03. - 06.04.13 ab € 7.890,--

14 Tage Wyndham - Broome Ultimate Cruise 06.04. - 19.04.13 ab €11.550,--

8 Tage Wnydham - Hunter River Gorges Cruise 06.04 - 13.04.13 ab € 7.890,--

7 Tage Broome - Hunter River Island Cruise 13.04. - 19.04.13 ab € 6.995,--

8 Tage Broome - Wyndham Snapshot Cruise 11.05. - 18.05.13 ab € 7.890,--

8 Tage Wyndham - Hunter River Gorges Cruise 18.05. - 25.05.13 ab € 7.890,--

7 Tage Hunter River - Broome Island Cruise 25.05. - 31.05.13 ab € 6.995,--

8 Tage Broome - Wyndham Snapshot Cruise 01.06. - 08.06.13 an € 7.890,--

14 Tage Wyndham - Broome Ultimate Cruise 08.06. - 21.06.13 ab €11.550,--

8 Tage Broome- Wyndham Snapshot Cruise 22.06. - 29.06.13 ab € 7.890,--

8 Tage Wyndham - Hunter River Gorges Cruise 29.06. - 06.07.13 ab € 7.890,--

7 Tage Broome - Hunter River Island Cruise 06.07. - 12.07.13 ab € 6.995,--

8 Tage Broome- Wyndham Snapshot Cruise 13.07. - 20.07.13 ab € 7.890,--

14 Tage Wyndham - Broome Ultimate Cruise 20.07. - 02.08.13 ab €11.550,--

8 Tage Broome- Wyndham Snapshot Cruise 03.08. - 10.08.13 ab € 7.890,--

8 Tage Broome- Wyndham Snapshot Cruise 24.08. - 31.08.13 ab € 7.890,--

14 Tage Wyndham - Broome Ultimate Cruise 31.07. - 13.09.13 ab €11.550,--

Die ab Preise beziehen sich auf die Kabinenkategorie Ocean Class.
Die höheren Preise für die Kabinenkategorien River Class und Explorer Class nennen wir Ihnen gerne auf Anfrage.

Außerhalb der oben genannten Zeiten verkehrt die True North in anderen Seegebieten. Im September werden z.B. drei exklusive Kreuzfahrten zu den Rowley Shoals angeboten. Die Rowley Shoals sind eines der besten und unberührtesten Tauchgebiete auf diesem blauen Planeten.

Im November / Dezember stehen dann Kreuzfahrten nach Papa New Guinea auf dem Programm. Der krönende Abschluß der Saison ist eine Kreuzfahrt im Hafen von Sydney und auf dem Hawkesbury River im Zeitraum 30.12.13 - 03.01.14. Es gibt wohl keinen besseren Platz um das grandiose Feuerwerk und die unvergleiche Stimmung am Sylvesterabend mit zu erleben.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard! Gemäß unserem Motto - wir bieten unseren Kunden nur die Produkte an, die wir auch selbst kennen, ist unser Mitarbeiter Herr Thomas Braun bereits auf
einer 8-tägigen Cruise mit der True North unterwegs gewesen. Er kann Ihnen also aus erster Hand von einen Eindrücken berichten und Sie dementsprechend beraten.

Rufen Sie Herrn Braun an - Tel.: 08142 - 580031 oder schreiben Sie ihm bei
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